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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    Like the rest of the range I have, clean cut, less cleaning up to do after, brilliant!

    John s.

    Best router bit I have used yet, very good finish, no need for sanding..... Awsome all rounder for guitars, bearing good for going round templates, plunge is good for cavities.

    IP G.
    The best bit around

    Ever since first working with Radiantools router bits, I knew I had to expand my own collection of bits. These are essential for quick and easy work. The cut leaves a smooth finish, which makes sanding a breeze. Routing has never been as realiable and easy.

    Great router bit

    Bought the straight 3 flute bit for making cut out handles on birch ply kitchens and couldn’t be happier. No burning whatsoever and a super clean cut. Would definitely recommend. Not sure why no one has made these before to be honest! Also thanks for the Instagram follow Radian! 😉

    Thoma S.
    Are five stars enough?

    I've been using Radian cutters for guitar making for over a year now and have been nothing short of blown away by the quality of the cut. This was highlighted when trimming end grain Wenge for a guitar headstock, just perfect, most standard cutters would have left the router screaming and with endless sanding to be done afterwards. With the radian bits, there's not even a suggestion of burning, chatter or tear out. The cut is vibration free and smooth as you like. Very impressive.

    At this point I have, all of the 1/4" trimming bits, two or the 1/2" collet trim bits, three binding channel rebate cutters of various sizes and a chamfer bit. Fantastic stuff!

    Tom Sands