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    Thanks to all customers that have taken the time to email us or leave reviews.  They help us develop new products as well as inform other people.
    Based on 184 reviews
    Absolutely brilliant

    I’m an amateur guitar builder and the router bits from Radiantools are an absolute god send, they give a very clean cut that requires very little sanding afterwards. I highly recommend them


    Best router bit I have used yet, very good finish, no need for sanding..... Awsome all rounder for guitars, bearing good for going round templates, plunge is good for cavities.

    Very clean cutting

    I received this today and put it straight to work on some maple and Ash. The finish it leaves is second to none! I am very impressed with this router bit. It cuts a lot faster than cheap 2 flute bits so you do have to be aware of that but it doesn't take long to get used to. I won't be wasting money on cheap 2 flute bits from now on! Worth every penny!

    Great router bit

    This bit is just what I needed. As a luthier, I do most of my measurements in metric. Finding specially-sized metric bits in the U.S. is virtually possible. This bit was expensive, but I needed it. It came coated in wax to protect its edges which I thought was a nice touch.

    Great customer support

    As well as good kit you also get excellent support. Had a minor issue with a part and was rectified immediately and with grace. Happy customer, would recommend.

    45 degree 3 fluted router bit

    This is the second bit I have bought from Radian and its as equally impressive as the first. Superb quality and created perfect chamfers around the top and back of my first guitar project. No burning or tear out at all. Why risk damaging that beautiful wood to save a couple of quid. I'll be back for more as the project continues!

    Sharp & Sturdy

    Radiant triple sided router bits make a very accurate cut. Double bearings help the blades run flush against the template giving an accurate and smooth finish. These have become my go-to router bits from today forward. Recommended.

    Lovely bit of kit

    Nice clean cut, very happy.

    Cleanest routings for guitars

    3 flutes router bits helps to have no bouncing against the wooden cavities being routed. So it makes the cleanest work, and it is much important in my job.

    Awesome cutter

    Great finish excellent for profiles pattern routing on guitar necks bodies and furniture etc ,not overpriced like some other brands well done Radiant tools thankyou.

    router bit

    This router bit is great

    Having baulked at the price of Stewmac rebate set I opted for Radiantools for cutting a guitar binding rebate. The bit, with a 1.5mm bearing provided a clean and accurate cut with no tear out, and had me wondering why I hadn't bought this years ago. Well worth the money.

    Acoustic Guitar Binding

    Very sharp, the bit sets are perfect for creeping up on the desired depth, reducing the risk of tear out. Worked perfectly. Steve

    3 flute rebate

    Great for luthiers routing binding channels, all you need ,and great quality

    The best bit around

    Ever since first working with Radiantools router bits, I knew I had to expand my own collection of bits. These are essential for quick and easy work. The cut leaves a smooth finish, which makes sanding a breeze. Routing has never been as realiable and easy.

    Excellent cutters

    This router bit is streets ahead of anything else I've ever used. Fast, quiet and superb cut, couldn't be better! Not the cheapest, but the best never is - definitely worth it.

    4 Flute R6.3mm Roundover / Ovolo Router Bit

    Received promptly and well packaged. Quality item that has already been used on oak shelving and leaves a clean finish. Would recommend.

    3 flûte top bearing plunge router

    Eats the wood without any effort. Less wear on my machines. No wood chipping. Great product!

    Great router bit

    Bought the straight 3 flute bit for making cut out handles on birch ply kitchens and couldn’t be happier. No burning whatsoever and a super clean cut. Would definitely recommend. Not sure why no one has made these before to be honest! Also thanks for the Instagram follow Radian! 😉


    Very reliable service and as always excellent products. Highly recommend 👌

    Great tools! The best for making guitar bindings

    Best I’ve used

    Great finish from a great product

    World of difference

    After a scary tear out on the end grain of a guitar neck, I bought two bearing bits from Radian. These bits left an incredibly clean, smooth finish on the end grain, without any tear out or grabbing of the work piece. These will be the only bits I use from now on.

    Super clean cut!

    Needed a Router for a 45° Edge on my Guitarbodys without to rework the surface.
    The Radiantools 4 Flute Router does the Job exactly like i imagined.
    Just great!