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    Thanks to all customers that have taken the time to email us or leave reviews.  They help us develop new products as well as inform other people.
    Based on 152 reviews
    Just the thing
    Spot on
    Binding router
    Flute rebate set
    Really good router but cut through solid oak with ease
    Impressive work achieved thanks to Radian Bit Router
    Good stuff
    A great BIT of news
    Lovely Bit of kit
    3 Flute Rebate Cutter.
    3 flute top bearing router bit
    Another perfect router bit
    Top quality
    Brilliant, cuts very cleanly!
    Can’t Honestly Say
    A bit of alright
    Binding router and bearings
    Awesome things said re: Radiantools 3 Flute Rebate Bit!
    I know it's great, even without using it
    Router bit
    Another great cutter!
    Router bits