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    Thanks to all customers that have taken the time to email us or leave reviews.  They help us develop new products as well as inform other people.
    Based on 273 reviews
    Great quality spiral bit

    These are really nice bits, they give a brilliant quality of finish and remain sharp. I have been cutting laminated mahogany with these and they have stood up to the task well even with large amounts of thickened epoxy in the glue up which can be quite abrasive to cut usually.

    Top noch produc

    But the taxes, are a bit expensive.

    Don't try to make a guitar neck without one of these

    Absolute dream to use to shape my necks. My other bits from a company that starts with t and ends with end could not handle the hard maple and would split the wood like crazy, this bit eats right through it. 5/5

    Great quality spiral

    This is a lovely, quality piece of carbide. As soon as I got it out of the box I could tell from it’s weight that it would be good and sure enough it cuts like a dream!


    Started with the router in 1990..The best I have used

    Excellent bit of kit

    The Rebate router set for guitar bindings is really good. I've previously cut the bindings channel by hand, but this tool makes the task so much easier. I used it on a tenor guitar (so quite tight bends), with walnut sides and a cedar soundboard, using a Triton JOFOO1 router. The router might be considered quite heavy, but I opted for stability over manoeuvreability. This router bit cuts like the proverbial hot knife through Butter! The cut was extremely clean on the walnut, with only a little furryness in a couple of places on the cedar - easily cleaned with a bit of sandpaper (that might be avoided using a higher speed, I had the router set at its slowest speed). This router bit is well worth the price, if you're thinking of getting one I'd highly recommend it. The time from ordering to delivery is very quick too.

    Rebate router set for guitar bindings

    Perfect tool.
    Excellent business - thankyou.

    Mr Gabb

    The best value cutters I’ve ever received.

    I didn't realise it would be so useful

    I've been intrigued by a device like this for some time and had considered buying a cheap version, but from experienced the cheap countersink bits I have used often result in a bad finish. I used this the weekend I got it for some home DIY, and used it a lot more than I expected. I'm also using it for work as the finish is really good. Definitely worth investing in this quality tool.

    2 Flute Trimmer Ø6.35x25mm - 1/4" Shank?

    Excellent piece of equipment with great craftsmanship. I didn't expect anything less from Radian tools

    Brilliant bit of kit

    This a well thought out drill and countersink bit with great features. It's well machined and compact, I'm very impressed.

    3 Flute Rebate Set 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5mm - 1/4" Shank

    It's a mug and I love it. The guys at Radian really are such great people!

    Excellent. I love that the 0 is actually the end of the ruler and the center finder on the reverse side is another brilliant design. My favorite 150mm ruler!

    The best binding bit I have ever used. The triple flute design cuts clean and fast! The adhesive gap between the router cutters and the bearing is just brilliant. I love this bit!

    Awesome on Aluminium plate

    Looking for the right router bit to skim anodised and plain aluminium edges and this is the daddy. Used on 6/8/10mm plates with different cut depths to banish water jet edge scuff.

    Makes it look soooo pretty, great tool.

    Great router bit

    Fantastic router bit, but shipping is a problem, it took 28 days from UK to Romania.


    Great not having . 5mm
    I would like it to read the other way round when you use the other side so you are never reading it upside down.

    Template King!

    This bit is a must for doing template work on a router table. The top and bottom bearings allow you to always be able to make safe cuts. The bit also leaves a super smooth finish. It's definitely worth investing in great quality router bits like these.

    A real joy to use

    I've been using this on some Ash furniture that I've been making recently. It leaves a super smooth cut and no burn marks. I cannot recommend Radian router bits enough.

    My "go to" rule

    This little rule is so refreshing to use. The lack of the 0.5mm markings you normally find on these 150mm rules, makes it so much nicer to use. As other users said, the markings are very clear. The centre rule on the back is a great addition. It really shines when you need to lay out markings for dominoes or dowels.

    Brilliant little flush trim bit!

    My favourite application for these are to cut hinge mortises with my palm router and a template. They are of course great for any template work where you can get away with a shallower depth of cut.

    Hot knife ..

    2nd radian router bit I've bought, same end result; super smooth finish and cuts like the proverbial knife through butter. Not the cheapest bits I've ever bought but comfortably the best.

    Surfacing bit

    This bit is a monster with manners, flew though my workbench top without any scary catches and left it smooth enough for a very quick and easy sanding, perfect for what it’s intended for!!