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    Thanks to all customers that have taken the time to email us or leave reviews.  They help us develop new products as well as inform other people.
    Based on 166 reviews
    3 flûte top bearing plunge router

    Eats the wood without any effort. Less wear on my machines. No wood chipping. Great product!

    Great router bit

    Bought the straight 3 flute bit for making cut out handles on birch ply kitchens and couldn’t be happier. No burning whatsoever and a super clean cut. Would definitely recommend. Not sure why no one has made these before to be honest! Also thanks for the Instagram follow Radian! 😉


    Very reliable service and as always excellent products. Highly recommend 👌

    Great tools! The best for making guitar bindings

    Best I’ve used

    Great finish from a great product

    World of difference

    After a scary tear out on the end grain of a guitar neck, I bought two bearing bits from Radian. These bits left an incredibly clean, smooth finish on the end grain, without any tear out or grabbing of the work piece. These will be the only bits I use from now on.

    Super clean cut!

    Needed a Router for a 45° Edge on my Guitarbodys without to rework the surface.
    The Radiantools 4 Flute Router does the Job exactly like i imagined.
    Just great!

    Game changer

    Probably th best cutter I've ever bought

    It’s perfect , I wish I’d bought it sooner

    Game changer

    I've used this once and it's already the best cutter I've ever owned for guitar work. Brilliant cutter. Now if they could just sort out the mistakes with their binding utter hunt hint I'll be a returning customer 🙂

    surface router bit

    It flattened a large piece of walnut very well. Some banding but that was due to the imperfect home-made jig I used. If it had a longer shank I could have used a professional jig which no doubt would have given perfect results


    What a pleasure and time saver! Less sanding means more time to focus on something else... Thank you.

    Saves serious time

    Cut quality is second to none. Even some of My pure carbide spiral up aren’t as good. Bearing is ok quality. I feel it could be a bit better but it’s a very minor gripe if one at all. Would be cool to see some bits with the bearings 3/64ths bigger than the bit. This is what happens you all solicit me for a review. Haha! Great tools all in all. Recommend highly

    9.5 shank bearing cutter

    Quality three flute cutter ideal for cutting pickup and control cavities in guitar bodies.
    Tighter corners even if the the pickup has a 6mm corner radius, this 9.5mm corner looks just right

    3 Flute 12.7x25mm Trimmer - 1/4 Inch Shank

    Just the thing

    Excellent bit as always. sliced through wenge giving an excellent finish.

    Spot on

    Yet another quality cutter, great results.


    tools that do the job

    Binding router

    Came very quickly. First tries were very satisfying. Cut very sharp edges, even on spruce top.

    Flute rebate set

    What a service and selection prompt delivery as well. Will use again and also pass the site on to others thanks again

    Really good router but cut through solid oak with ease

    Quick delivery

    Impressive work achieved thanks to Radian Bit Router

    totally impressed by the quality of the work.
    I am a total beginner, and I managed to route my guitar body perfectly.

    Good stuff

    As always, a quality tool

    A great BIT of news

    We use this in a trade school setting to cut out guitar bodies and guitar necks using templates. Even with the 4 flutes you should still pay attention to the way your grain runs, but this thing works great. If you sand up to a 32nd of your template, it will cut out a 1 3/4” body in one pass. We slow the table router down and take our time to keep things safe. A step above your average contenders.

    Lovely Bit of kit

    Leaves a very clean cut, very happy