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    Thanks to all customers that have taken the time to email us or leave reviews.  They help us develop new products as well as inform other people.
    Based on 256 reviews

    Great not having . 5mm
    I would like it to read the other way round when you use the other side so you are never reading it upside down.

    Template King!

    This bit is a must for doing template work on a router table. The top and bottom bearings allow you to always be able to make safe cuts. The bit also leaves a super smooth finish. It's definitely worth investing in great quality router bits like these.

    A real joy to use

    I've been using this on some Ash furniture that I've been making recently. It leaves a super smooth cut and no burn marks. I cannot recommend Radian router bits enough.

    My "go to" rule

    This little rule is so refreshing to use. The lack of the 0.5mm markings you normally find on these 150mm rules, makes it so much nicer to use. As other users said, the markings are very clear. The centre rule on the back is a great addition. It really shines when you need to lay out markings for dominoes or dowels.

    Brilliant little flush trim bit!

    My favourite application for these are to cut hinge mortises with my palm router and a template. They are of course great for any template work where you can get away with a shallower depth of cut.

    Hot knife ..

    2nd radian router bit I've bought, same end result; super smooth finish and cuts like the proverbial knife through butter. Not the cheapest bits I've ever bought but comfortably the best.

    Surfacing bit

    This bit is a monster with manners, flew though my workbench top without any scary catches and left it smooth enough for a very quick and easy sanding, perfect for what it’s intended for!!

    3 Flute Rebate Set 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm - 1/4" Shank

    Avery useful piece of kit, sensibly priced - thank you.

    Great ruler

    Brilliant ruler, easy to read and I love the centre ruler feature. I hope you bring out a 300mm one soon.


    Excellent quality cutter. Will buy again when I need new. Fast despatch and great communication from Radian sales. Very happy. Thanks.


    Having tried numerous 'premium' bits and being disappointed with the cutter finish and longevity. This 3 flute cutter produces a beautiful surface finish and after approx. 1,200 linear meters of machining, is showing no sign of wear! 10/10. Also, delivery was very fast.

    Fantastic Rule

    Excellent quality product with clear markings and convenient size. I especially like the centre scale on the reverse side.

    2 Flute Trimmer With Adhesive Gap Ø12.7 x 25mm - 1/4" Shank

    Rebate cutter

    Perfect for guitar building rebates.

    Great cutters with very smooth cut

    Perfect cutter

    I bought this set to do binding on a guitar and it made a nice job of it, really tidy.

    Best Flush Trim Bit

    This router bit is awesome. Ive been using it on Jarrah which is extremely hard and no problems at all!!! leaves a beautiful finish too... Very happy

    High quality cutter

    Works a treat in my trim router and makes for an extremely clean finish. A very good quality cutter.

    Quality bits!

    I was recommended Radian via Ben at Crimson Guitars and they don’t disappoint! Excellent quality. I’ll definitely be ordering more. 👍🏻

    Good tool

    Not used as yet but it's a well made router bit that I will be using to route binding channels on the guitars I build

    3-flute Rebate Set

    I used this cutter to cut the rebate for binding on a guitar. It performed the task perfectly - no chipping and a beautifully clean channel. A great tool.

    Router cutter

    Awesome cutters as usual. The best on the market I believe