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    Elliptical Profiles

    Elliptical Profiles

    Where we see an opportunity for an interesting tool, we love to bring it to life. - If we can then make it huge, with multiple complex cutting faces we get really excited.  This introduces the latest addition to the radian collection that is a pair of elliptical profile tools.

    These tools can be used to machine creative carving details.  These details can often be seen on guitars, but making them freehand with other tools is not that easy.

    The shaft bearing tool can be used with a template to cut into the workpiece more than a normal tool would allow.  We've made a video below to give a brief introduction on how we see the tools being used.  -But like all good tools, they can be used for many other projects in different ways.



    Common to all Radiantools parts is their cool temperature running.  This means there is lower risk of burning the timber, just a very precise and neat finish.  Take a look at the products;

    Nose bearing version

    Shank bearing version

    Both tools have the same profile, so they can be used together.

    Radian Surfacing bit

    Radian Surfacing bit

    We often use weird and unusual timbers, which are fantastic, but they don't always arrive in the best condition.  Often the first job to make them usable is to flatten them in some way.

    Router planing is the perfect way to flatten timbers with unpredictable grain structures. Very wide timbers would normally require investment in large machinery. A simple "rail & sled" type jig can be constructed to the required size and accurate planing can begin with minimal outlay.

    The Radiantools surfacing bit is the perfect tool to do this.  It has a very open structure to allow fast chip ejection.  It also has four cutting faces to give a really fine finish.

    We decided to put the new 4 Flute Surfacing Bit to the test on one of the most unworkable timbers we could find; Pomelle Sapele. Not only an unusual timber, but this piece had matured for over 60 years getting harder and harder.  We first put the timber through a thicknesser to set a benchmark.  Even with really delicate passes the thicknesser ripped at the surface, with the result shown in the photo.

    Using a simple jig and the Radian surfacing bit we got a much better result.  This method allows a lot of control, with much less risk of damaging the workpiece. Shown below is a small area but a larger jig can easily be fabricated to accomodate bigger timbers.


    Here is the result from the one pass made in the video.  The result is really smooth without any extra processes required.  This tool gives a lot of extra flexibility to your router and allows you to work with more unusual un-processed timbers.

    Take a look at the product page here;

    Guitar Builders

    Guitar Builders

    The idea for our first cutter came from a guitar build. We were confident we could make a tool for shaping guitar bodies that was better than anything on the market. A router bit that would produce the best possible finish and minimise the need for sanding.  We launched our 4 flute trimmer and quickly developed a loyal following of craftsmen that required the ultimate finish.

    Fast forward to today and we are receiving orders from across the world from Cabinet Makers & Craftsmen to Hobby Guitar Builders & Professional Luthiers. Since the first tool, we have developed many others that Guitar builders in particular would appreciate.  The list below gives advice on what tools to use to get great results;

    Guitar bodies: our original 4 Flute trimmer will give an amazing template edge finish and with both nose and shank bearings you can always cut "downhill" with the grain.

    Neck pockets & Pickup / Control cavities:  Our short 3 flute plunge cutter is very versatile with an extra long shank for deeper cuts.  The smaller plunging cutters are great for finishing off into tighter radii down to a 3.2mm radius

    Body Details: Our R9.5mm roundover is great for "Strat" style bodies & Our 4 Flute Chamfer bit will produce perfect bevels around contours for that more modern look.

    Bindings: For the ultimate binding set purchase both of our 3 Flute rebate cutters for rebates from 1.0mm to 5.5mm in 0.5mm increments. Binding rebate 1, Binding rebate 2

    Pickguards: Our 3 Flute chamfer bit will perfectly bevel thinner pieces of timber, for example, custom timber pickguards.

    Cavity rebates: Our 4 flute rebate cutter has many bearings included for a number of different rebate widths.

    Neck & Headstock: Our 1" high dual guide trimmer is perfect for trimming thinner neck blanks. With both nose and shank guides it's very flexible when using templates.

    We also like to see anything you're making with our tools so get in touch via e mail or tag us on Instagram!