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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Larry C.
    Thank you!

    Here in the U.S. no one seems to make a three-flute top-bearing router bit in this length -- the best I've been able to find is two-flute, if they make this length at all. I was happy to have found & purchased the Radian bit -- it's exactly what I was hoping for. The cuts are smooth and it never grabbed, even when cutting through lots of material. It's replaced the Freud two-flute bit in my arsenal.

    Gildas V.
    Cleanest routings for guitars

    3 flutes router bits helps to have no bouncing against the wooden cavities being routed. So it makes the cleanest work, and it is much important in my job.

    Gabby L.
    World of difference

    After a scary tear out on the end grain of a guitar neck, I bought two bearing bits from Radian. These bits left an incredibly clean, smooth finish on the end grain, without any tear out or grabbing of the work piece. These will be the only bits I use from now on.