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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Game changer

    Probably th best cutter I've ever bought

    Game changer

    I've used this once and it's already the best cutter I've ever owned for guitar work. Brilliant cutter. Now if they could just sort out the mistakes with their binding utter hunt hint I'll be a returning customer 🙂

    The absolute best.

    This is by far the best cutter I have ever used. On a hard maple guitar body, no tear out and zero burn marks, very clean finish. Will be buying more from Radian.

    Clean as a whistle!

    This router bit is great!! Along with all the other Radian bits to be honest. It was my first time using a router, and I has heard mixed things about them... one of those things being that they can be quite ‘grabby’ and aggressive. I was advised to invest in some good router bits, and after watching many guitar building videos, it was clear that Radian were the ones to go with. I used this particular bit for the majority of the pickup cavity routing, and then just finished off with one of the smaller 3 flute trimmers. The job was clean and super easy. Really satisfied and will always use these bits.

    Cuts like a dream

    Originally saw this company on a Crimson Guitars build video, and got a chance to use them during the guitar building course that I attended. Tried some sub-par bits on my own, but after that worked out badly I knew I needed to get the real deal! They work like a dream, thanks Radian!