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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    The best bit around

    Ever since first working with Radiantools router bits, I knew I had to expand my own collection of bits. These are essential for quick and easy work. The cut leaves a smooth finish, which makes sanding a breeze. Routing has never been as realiable and easy.

    Great router bit

    Bought the straight 3 flute bit for making cut out handles on birch ply kitchens and couldn’t be happier. No burning whatsoever and a super clean cut. Would definitely recommend. Not sure why no one has made these before to be honest! Also thanks for the Instagram follow Radian! 😉

    Are five stars enough?

    I've been using Radian cutters for guitar making for over a year now and have been nothing short of blown away by the quality of the cut. This was highlighted when trimming end grain Wenge for a guitar headstock, just perfect, most standard cutters would have left the router screaming and with endless sanding to be done afterwards. With the radian bits, there's not even a suggestion of burning, chatter or tear out. The cut is vibration free and smooth as you like. Very impressive.

    At this point I have, all of the 1/4" trimming bits, two or the 1/2" collet trim bits, three binding channel rebate cutters of various sizes and a chamfer bit. Fantastic stuff!

    Tom Sands

    Awesome bit of kit.

    After being recommended to try these out I feel I’ve made the right choice As the smoothness of the cutting is second to none.

    Done a large batch of

    Done a large batch of template cuts with this and had great results