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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Perfect tool for the job !

    By far the simplest and cleanest way to route a beautifully sharp binding channel . Can't stress how much easier this has made the binding process.
    Zero tear out and perfectly even depth , makes this essential for any luthier.

    Grimketel G.

    Having baulked at the price of Stewmac rebate set I opted for Radiantools for cutting a guitar binding rebate. The bit, with a 1.5mm bearing provided a clean and accurate cut with no tear out, and had me wondering why I hadn't bought this years ago. Well worth the money.

    Steve B.
    Acoustic Guitar Binding

    Very sharp, the bit sets are perfect for creeping up on the desired depth, reducing the risk of tear out. Worked perfectly. Steve

    Mr S.R.
    3 flute rebate

    Great for luthiers routing binding channels, all you need ,and great quality

    Geoff K.
    Excellent cutters

    This router bit is streets ahead of anything else I've ever used. Fast, quiet and superb cut, couldn't be better! Not the cheapest, but the best never is - definitely worth it.