During the corona virus Radian deliveries are still being made. Orders are dispatched on a weekly basis
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    £31.00 incVAT £25.83 exVAT
    £43.20 incVAT £36.00 exVAT
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    £45.50 incVAT £37.92 exVAT

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Stuart M.
    Best Router bits available

    I have a few of the radian bits and I think they are the best made ones I have bought.

    Rakesh S.
    Very clean cutting

    I received this today and put it straight to work on some maple and Ash. The finish it leaves is second to none! I am very impressed with this router bit. It cuts a lot faster than cheap 2 flute bits so you do have to be aware of that but it doesn't take long to get used to. I won't be wasting money on cheap 2 flute bits from now on! Worth every penny!

    Jerry O.
    Great router bit

    This bit is just what I needed. As a luthier, I do most of my measurements in metric. Finding specially-sized metric bits in the U.S. is virtually possible. This bit was expensive, but I needed it. It came coated in wax to protect its edges which I thought was a nice touch.

    Mike W.
    router bit

    This router bit is great

    Gildas V.
    3 flûte top bearing plunge router

    Eats the wood without any effort. Less wear on my machines. No wood chipping. Great product!