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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Paulin T.

    3 Flute Top Bearing Plunge Router Bit 9.5mm x 12mm

    DAVE S.
    Lovely bit of kit

    Nice clean cut, very happy.

    Baal c.g.
    Saves serious time

    Cut quality is second to none. Even some of My pure carbide spiral up aren’t as good. Bearing is ok quality. I feel it could be a bit better but it’s a very minor gripe if one at all. Would be cool to see some bits with the bearings 3/64ths bigger than the bit. This is what happens you all solicit me for a review. Haha! Great tools all in all. Recommend highly

    berholt g.
    9.5 shank bearing cutter

    Quality three flute cutter ideal for cutting pickup and control cavities in guitar bodies.
    Tighter corners even if the the pickup has a 6mm corner radius, this 9.5mm corner looks just right

    3 flute top bearing router bit

    Cuts nice and crisp edge on hardwood boxes I make. so much better than my 2 flute bit.
    I have the 3 flute 45 deg bit and that cuts superb crisp edges.
    Highly recommended